Hi, I’m Brad Davis.

Over the past few years, I have been involved with many different projects at many different capacities: creating, managing, innovating.


I work with leading companies to implement new, cutting edge technologies leveraging open source frameworks, grounded with strong principles of software design and architecture.

Software Architect

Through consulting, I have had the opportunity to work with many fortune 500 companies, architecting solutions that handle large volumes of traffic. These architectures often focus on back end, scalable, integrated systems.


One of my strengths is working with people. Architecting a solution is one thing, but managing the implementation and delivering the software on time and budget with a diverse team is where real success is made.


Often, as people move through their career, once they move into architecture, they tend to shy away from code. I believe coding is an art, and it helps me to stay fresh and creative. I pride myself on my engineering and problem solving capabilities.


With a career rooted in open source, contributing back to the community becomes second nature. I have contributed code, patches, and ideas to many open source projects including JBoss jBPM, Drools, and JBoss SOA-P.


While code is a major creative outlet for me, I also enjoy traditional art mediums including charcoal and pastels. Additionally, I am an art collector, enjoying both realism and abstract art forms.